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You can become a regular contributor if you submit articles regularly on a bi-monthly basis, or you can become an occasional contributor that submits articles at your pace and schedule.

If you feel an article misrepresents facts and you think our readers can benefit from your take, please feel free to submit a rejoinder.

Regardless of the category, all articles should have between 1000-1200 words and must subscribe to the editorial standards: the facts used to support your analysis should be hyperlinked. Crucially, no article that undermines the dignity of Africans will be published.

You are free to submit an article on any area that touches the life of the African: history, politics, health, agriculture, education, religion and culture, etc.

Write for us

Part of the problem facing Africa is that the agency to articulate the trials and tribulations of Africans has for long been usurped by foreigners. As a principle, everyone should get involved in debates on Africa, of course. However, rather than Read more

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