The African continent remains under capture

Africa remains under capture by external forces, by multinational corporations, western powers, by state actors, and non-state actors who have all sorts of ambitions to control, dominate, and exploit the continent.  

Successful Liberation Movements

Paul Kagame

Some groups were not able to define very clearly what they would do with power. Others have tried as much as possible to be inclusive.  

Pan-Africanism and Feminism

There is no Pan-Africanism that is anti-women, and there is no African feminism that is anti- Pan-Africanism.  

Pan-Africa Review Magazine

Our first issue is a  Rwanda Special. We are writing about key developments in Africa, giving them a pan-African interpretation.  

Face-off: Democracy In Rwanda

Dr. Frank Habineza, leader of Rwanda opposition Party, Democratic Green Party and Dr. Lonzen Rugira, a political commentator face off in a debate on Rwanda’s model of Democracy.