The African life is under assault

This conversation was inspired by the ideas expressed in this article: A Pan-Africanist believes the African way of life is valid.

”Some, like those who resisted slavery and colonialism, had fought and were defeated—or so it seems. Yet, others – like the African nationalists who agitated for independence and the civil rights activists who demanded full citizenship rights – had gained a partial victory. But it was the resistance and courage of those who had been considered defeated that inspired those who won partial victories. It is also the moral obligation of those who came after them to pick up from where they left in the quest for the dignity of Africans – the idea of the African way of life as valid. Pan-Africanism is, therefore, a constant quest to perfect the dignity of Africans: where the end of slavery never delivered full citizenship rights, to agitate; and where independence remained in form rather than substance, to take up the struggle and make it meaningful”