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Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu

Dr Chika Ezeanya Esiobu is the Principal of Julani Varsity and author of Indigenous Knowledge and Education in Africa (Springer: 2019). In 2019, she was recognised as one of the most influential persons of African descent under 40.

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Bernard Sabiti

Bernard Sabiti is a Ugandan researcher and public policy analyst. He can be reached at: bernardsabiti@gmail.com

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Lionel Manzi

Lionel Manzi is a Burundian national and a political provocateur at the Pan African Review. He is also a farmer. He can be reached out at sun_nel@hotmail.com

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Emmanuel Matambo

Dr Emmanuel Matambo is a Senior Researcher at the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Africa-China Studies

Twitter @EKMatambo

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Olivier Mushimire

Olivier Mushimire is a lecturer at the Kigali Independent University school of law. A passionate advocate of human rights and justice for genocide survivors for about a decade – writing principally about EAC legal system, genocide denial and criminal justice. Olivier is also a Rwandan civil servant who reflects on the transformation of Rwanda as a chapter of the African revolution.

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Moses Khisa

Dr Moses Khisa is Assistant Professor of Political Science in the School of Public & International Affairs at North Carolina State University. His research and teaching interests include the political economy of development, politics of institutional change, civil-military relations, among others.

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Alphonse Muleefu

Dr. Alphonse Muleefu is a Senior Lecturer – UR School of Law and author of The Independence of the International Criminal Court: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Intersentia, 2019). He is a Rwandan national.

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Veronique Nyiramongi Mbaye

Veronique Nyiramongi Mbaye is a copywriter and cultural commentator. Her work principally critiques West and East African post-colonial political movements.

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Ndayisaba Gateka

Ndayisaba Gateka is a Burundian independent analyst on religion and its impact on culture in Africa. He works in the healthcare sector.

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Chikodiri Nwangwu

Dr. Chikodiri Nwangwu teaches Political Science at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. His research and teaching interests straddle political economy, election studies, counterinsurgency, gender & security, and Igbo nationalism. He is a member of the APSA, NPSA and AROCSA.

Email: chikodiri.nwangwu@unn.edu.ng.

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