African Feminists Need to Determine Their Priorities

“It is unrealistic to undermine the effects of stigma, past trauma, and poverty in our societies on an occupation like sex work. It always leaves women exposed to potential exploitation. We have to ensure that women are protected mentally and physically.”

“There are striking similarities between the African woman who lives to endure (and endures living) and the hyper-“liberated” while hyper-sexualised feminist. Both have been sold the tale of a false nirvana accessible only through desirability. Both know this desirability to be a survival tool, and either’s admittance of the trauma resulting from these constant survival efforts will be unbecoming to the patriarchy that has moulded them. The Panafrican feminist should know that the rejection of female objectification and dehumanization lies not in the use or appeal of her body, but rather the recognition of her worth as a human beyond it.”

Panafrican Feminism: A Case Against False Female Liberation, By Veronique Nyiramongi Mbaye

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